LXD image mirrors broken?

I have been getting the following 404 error all day:

tim@acantha:~/bin$ wget https://uk.lxd.images.canonical.com/1.0
--2021-11-30 19:36:02--  https://uk.lxd.images.canonical.com/1.0
Resolving uk.lxd.images.canonical.com (uk.lxd.images.canonical.com)...,, 2001:67c:1360:8001::33, ...
Connecting to uk.lxd.images.canonical.com (uk.lxd.images.canonical.com)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2021-11-30 19:36:03 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Happens with ipv4, ipv6 for both uk and us mirrors. Not sure if I am missing something - anyone else having trouble accessing images?

Thanks Stéphane,

I am already using the recommended URL.
Here is the ansible task I am using (worked fine until recently):

- name: create frontend servers with fwo
  loop: "{{ groups['frontendfwoservers'] }}"
    name: "{{ item }}"
    state: started
    profiles: ["default","frontend","fwoprofile"]
      type: image
      mode: pull
      server: https://images.linuxcontainers.org
      alias: "{{ hostvars[item].os_image }}"
        type: nic
        nictype: bridged
        parent: lxdbrfront
        ipv4.address: "{{ hostvars[item].ip_address }}"

TASK [lxd-host : create frontend servers with fwo] *************************************************************************************************
failed: [localhost] (item=devsrv3) => {"actions": [], "ansible_loop_var": "item", "changed": false, "item": "devsrv3", "msg": "Failed to fetch https://uk.lxd.images.canonical.com/1.0: 404 Not Found"}

any idea what could be going wrong?

No you’re not, the post I linked to mentions the deprecation of the lxd protocol on those image servers in favor of simplestreams.

In your case, try setting protocol: "simplestreams" in the source section, that may do the trick (though the alias name may differ).

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It works with the line added as this:
type: image
mode: pull
protocol: “simplestreams”

Thanks Stéphane - keep up the good work - I really like lxd (replaced our ESXi installation with it 2 years ago)