lxd init address already used

I try to set up my CI/CD gitlab flow with lxd and kubernetes folowing these steps : https://docs.conjure-up.io/stable/en/user-manual#users-of-lxd

But when I try to init Lxd (sudo lxd init), I can’t set ipv4 for the default bridge lxdbr0. I get this error instead :

Failed to create network ‘lxdbr0’: dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for Address already in use

What should I do ?

That means that you have something binding port 53 on all interfaces, conflicting with any attempt at running dnsmasq for your containers.

The most common culprit is bind9/named, removing or reconfiguring it should do the trick.

apt-get remove bind9 do the trick,
thanks Stéphane !