Lxd instance live migration error. please help

i want to live instance migration between two host.
but i have some errors.
i use alpine 3.14 image.
how can i solve it?
please help me.

I install lxd with snap, version lxd 5.12 lxc 5.12, both node
criu version: 3.15.
host OS: ubuntu 20.04


Hi. Can you try this instead:

lxc copy test master:test2 --refresh

You do not need to stop ‘test’ in order to to live-copy it to master: - FYI, I use copy --refresh all the time to transfer live containers to other servers. This gives you a full copy on test2: You then start the new copy as usual - lxc start mater:test2



thank you.
lxc copy test master:test2 --refresh it works.
can I ask some question if “copy --refresh” is statefully like live migration?
And I want to use lxc move option like “migration.incremental.memory.goal”. Is “copy” support this option?

Hi. I can’t speak to the “migration.*” settings as I have never used them. In terms of state, the copied container is copied but not started, so it’s not exactly identical to the original running container.


live migration just not working in case of using distro with systemd - “CRIU can’t dump nested namespaces” - https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/9324