Lxd.migrate allows migration from 3.x to 5.x and does not warn

I have been updating a legacy system from 3.0.3 LXD from 18.04 repo to 5.0 snap.

lxd.migrate detected 3.0.3 to 5.0 and offered to continue upgrading.

This broke.

ERROR [2022-07-11T18:44:30+02:00] Failed to start the daemon err="Unsupported upgrade path, please first upgrade to LXD 4.0"

I believe LXD should detect 3.x to 5.x upgrade and fail with an error, or at least throw a warning

5.0.1 will have the detection logic in lxd.migrate.

That logic was added to our snaps on April 11th and is going to make it to the 5.0 branch with the next batch of backports (5.0.1).

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What is the planned release date for LXD 5.0.1 LTS?

Possibly next week