Lxd networking help needed

Hi All,

I think i did not configure my network correct. I have some issues with firewall lxd container and want to know if this is ok how i installed lxd. I installed the following.

A host with 2 nics.

  • I bridged the 2 nics on the host.
  • i installed lxd on the host

on every container i created i assigned one nic(lan network range) to the container.

on the opnsense vm i added the 2 nics. (one for lan and one for wan)

Is my thinking correct. Or should i arrange network bridges true lxd instead of the os?

Please can you show lxc config show <instance> --expanded for one of each of the containers.

Also please show lxc network show <network> and ip a and ip r from the host and the containers.