LXD on 32-bit Raspberry PI 1 B+

Is there an LXD package for ARMv6L?

SNAP gives me an error.

$ sudo snap install lxd
error: snap "lxd" is not available on stable for this architecture (armel) but exists on other
       architectures (amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x).

No, Ubuntu hasn’t supported armel in a while and as the LXD snap is built on top of Ubuntu 22.04, we can’t build the snap for this architecture.

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Thank you for answering!

Could I still be able to build it from sources, though?

Yeah, building LXD from source should be fine. We don’t actively test on armel but the floating point difference between armel and armhf shouldn’t impact LXD itself, assuming that Go itself is fine with it.

Thanks! Had to start with compiling lz4, but will see how many of go’s dependencies are not in the repos for v6 :relieved:

So I’ve compiled LXD on armv6l and now getting the following error:

$ sudo lxd
ERROR  [2022-09-13T16:42:59+01:00] Failed to start the daemon                    err="Architecture isn't supported: armv6l"
WARNING[2022-09-13T16:42:59+01:00] Instance type not operational                 driver=qemu err="KVM support is missing (no /dev/kvm)" type=virtual-machine
Error: Architecture isn't supported: armv6l

Do I just need to recompile the Linux kernel with KVM support or am I still going to get the Error: Architecture isn't supported: armv6l?

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Please keep updating this, I was supper annoyed when I couldn’t get LXD on the 3 PI B+ I have :smiley:

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Could I somehow turnoff the LXD’s VM manager and just use it for containers without KVM?

Looks like this has been reported here RFC: Add command line option to lxd to disable vm support · Issue #10905 · lxc/lxd · GitHub

Ok, from what Stéphane replied there the KVM thing is a non critical warning which on itself wouldn’t prevent me from using LXD for containers.

Hence, only this part needs a solution:

ERROR  [2022-09-13T16:42:59+01:00] Failed to start the daemon                    err="Architecture isn't supported: armv6l"
Error: Architecture isn't supported: armv6l

What should I edit in architectures.go or elsewhere to pass/surpass the architecture test and give a modified build on armel a try?


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Yes the KVM message is a warning not an error, its the error line that is the problem.

Thank you!

The newly built lxd gives the following error message:

lxd: symbol lookup error: /lib/libdqlite.so.0: undefined symbol: raft_uv_init

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