LXD only via snap?


In Ubuntu 1810 lxd apt package is a dummy package that leads you to installing lxd via snap, so, there is no real apt package for lxd. Will this be a regular behavior for upcoming Ubuntu releases, even the LTS ones ?

Yes, Ubuntu 18.04 is the last Ubuntu release to ship LXD (3.0.x) as a deb package.
All releases after that only distribute LXD as a snap.

That’s not to say that other distributions may not package LXD natively, there’s nothing wrong with that and LXD itself isn’t tied to the snap packaging format, but for Ubuntu, that’s how it’s distributed.

about to set up a 18.04, is there updated info on how to setup lxd using snap? thanks.

I think I’d be just uninstall lxd with apt remove lxd and then install snap and snap install lxd

Also do a : apt remove lxd-client to get rid of the complete lxd apt package


I follow the instructions here, uninstall default lxd before ‘lxd init’, I was able to install lxd 3.11 with snap. I did not create a user lxd as it is already there. now it has a guid 100000:

cat subuid

however containers created after snap install has 1000000:

sudo ls -la /var/snap/lxd/common/mntns/var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/default/containers
drwxr-x–x+ 4 1000000 1000000 6 Mar 14 14:59 ib6

is this normal? should we remove lxd user and group before snap installing? Thanks,