[lxd-p2c] [Receiver] Invalid dir index


I was following along with the FOSSDEM video, but I had also watched the clustering video so I enabled clustering to set up the networking. could this be the problem? That’s the only difference I see in the setup.

lxd box: Ubuntu 18.04
VM that is being transferred: Ubuntu 14.04

Error: Failed to rsync: exit status 2
[Receiver] Invalid dir index: -1 (-101 - -101)
rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at flist.c(2634) [Receiver=3.1.2]

Minimum requirement for lxd-p2c


The error you get, is rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2).

Googling on this, shows this similar report,

It is not the exact report, because that report also says

Invalid remainder length

while in your case it’s different: [Receiver] Invalid dir index: -1

If you are running the deb package of LXD and you are OK to migrate to the snap package, then I recommend to perform the migration and try again.


tried the migration with the script from your blog:

=> Connecting to source server
=> Connecting to destination server
=> Running sanity checks
error: The source server is part of a LXD cluster, this isn’t supported.

so I guess I’m reinstalling lxd from scratch, again :wink:

No worries! Thanks!


Just to update for anyone interested.

stopped all containers
moved the default storage pool directory to my home dir
apt remove --purge lxd lxd-client liblxc1 lxcfs
snap remove lxd
snap install lxd

re init’d lxd WITHOUT clustering enabled
moved default back to where snap keeps the storage-pool
imported the containers
started the containers

everything seems good and lxd-p2c is cranking away!


(Beyers Cronje) #5

Thank you Captain, trying to get Ubuntu 18.04 from lxd 3.0.1 to use the snap 3.5 version was only possible following your steps.