LXD + persistent storage

After much digging I still don’t have a clear mental model of how persistent storage is allocated for LXD/LXC. One of several questions: Say I have 10 containers on a node, each with three GB of persistent storage allocated. Now I migrate one container to a second node. Does the data owned by that container ride along? In short, can anyone point me to a thorough Mickey the Dunce overview?



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Yes, when an instance is moved, the data it’s using is moved with it.

The one exception to that rule is if you’re using Ceph for storage as Ceph is network storage by itself, no storage moves when an instance is moved, the target server simply attaches the same storage as the source.

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Thank you.

So for practical purposes can I assume that during backup and migration an LXC container and the persistent data it owns is one file?

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