LXD recovery from a full LVM thin pool

Hi! I am using LXD on an LVM thin pool but now I find that the thin pool data has been full and the container file systems locked down to read-only due to the file system errors caused by lack of space. I have ordered some extra storage but is there anything I can do for now to quickly restore the containers (unlock the file systems) without expanding the thin pool? Thanks!

UPD: I have removed some unused containers which freed some space in the thin pool, but when I tried restarting the containers with locked file systems they failed to start because of “read-only file system”.

You should probably run fsck.ext4 or similar on each of the LVs to recover them before trying to start the instances back up.

(Also, LXD is no longer part of Linux Containers, so support for LXD is through Canonical’s forum these days).