LXD Resources and Links

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This post is a gathering of resources/links (with brief annotations describing what they’re for) related to the Linux Container Hypervisor, LXD.

Blog posts

Official Support

Other LXD Communities

Ubuntu Documentation

LXD on Non-Ubuntu Linux Distros

For Wiki editors:

  • Links here should be resources which are not specifically about “legacy” LXC.
  • Please delete or deprecate (move to the bottom in a separate section) any articles/links that are (1) dead (inaccessible) for more than a few days (notifying the webmaster might help); (2) are for an unsupported (obsolete) version of LXD. Supported version of LXD is defined as one that is receiving at least security updates (if not also bug-fix updates), either from upstream (Canonical/Ubuntu) or from a third-party distro package maintainer.

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Pinned, made a wiki and moved to the LXD category.

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There's also the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LXD/

Not a lot of active users so questions are better asked here or on the mailing list, but it's great for staying up to date thanks to @bmullan.

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Updated the article including the LXD subreddit.