LXD snap on Centos-7 causes kernel panic

We’re aware of this, we noticed it over a week ago and tracked down the issue and fix and contacted the Red Hat maintainer.

I’m unfortunately not able to link to any of this or provide any more details as it may be related to a security issue and so at least partially embargoed until a fixed kernel is made available to Red Hat and CentOS users.

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I am interested in shifting some cpanel webhosting I do to use LXD (currently OpenVZ). My hosts have always been CentOS 7. I attempted to use the snapd walkthrough provided and during initialization a kernel panic leads to a reboot of the OS or a complete unresponsive OS. I am interested in feedback on responsive Red Hat and subsequently CentOS fixes issues like this? I am considering putting in the time to attempt learning Ubuntu if it is more stable but there is more of a learning curve. Any suggestions?

If you want to try to switch to Ubuntu, I think you will be able to find quite a few resources.
To learn LXD, you can try, for example, the course LXC/LXD Deep Dive at Linux Academy. They have a 7-day free trial, so you may be able to complete it on time. I am not affiliated with them.

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Faced this recently: note that it does happen on LXD 3.0.2 (channel 3.0/stable). However a newer revision of 3.6 seems to have fixed it, as revision 9263 on the stable channel is now working.