LXD snapshot, publish, export

How LXD snapshot, publish, export commands act if I have mounted nfs share from inside. nfs share 5TB. I want to make a backup of this container and make it using commands above. Will it make backup of OS not nfs share? I had similar issues with LXC and had to exclude directories from backup since those were mounted on host.


This depends on your storage driver. If it is dir (probably it is not), then you probably will get this issue.
However, if it is ZFS or btrfs, then it should be OK.
The reason being that with ZFS and btrfs, LXD instructs ZFS or btrfs to perform the snapshot creation. And these operate on a lower layer than NFS mounted shared.

It is quite important (and easy) though that you try it anyway on a small NFS share.

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Thank you @simos