Lxd-to-incus 0.1 keeps lxd data


Thanks to provide a tool to migrate from lxd to incus. I used it on my bookworm and I can still use my containers :+1: . But when I have a look it seems there are still lxd relevant data. For example there is still the lxdbr0 bridge, the default profile description is Default LXD profile : is this normal ?

:information_source: I did not perform any incus init like in the video.

Morevover, I cannot create any other vm :

$ incus launch debian10-vm my-buster --vm
Creating my-buster
Error: Failed creating instance record: Failed initialising instance: Invalid config: No uid/gid allocation configured. In this mode, only privileged containers are supported

Any idea ?

For the uid/gid I found the answer here : LXD doesn't have a uid/gid allocation. I did not have a range wide enough for root, even working with another user belonging to incus-admin group.

Indeed, if your system has the optinal uidmap package installed, you then must configured /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid so Incus can run unprivileged containers. Systems without that package and files can run with any uid/gid they wish and so don’t need that configuration.

As for lxdbr0, that’s simply what it was called in your database in LXD.
The import tool doesn’t attempt to rename anything, it just moves the data as it was.

I was expecting that it would rename lxd stuff to incus ones as of a fresh incus install but I understand how it would be prone to breakages :sweat_smile: . Thanks.