Lxd undo all container restirctions

hi all,

is there a command to undo all restrictions ever set on containers? or how can i see restrictions and quotas?

lxc config show mycontainer --expanded
what you are searching for ?

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i am having the idea that there is some kind of restriction on my container. Mariadb is slow?

If your db server is slow in a container, I can’t help you much; I have never done this. With the only db using app I use, the database server runs on the host and the container connects through the LXD bridge. I’m sure it can work but there are many possible reasons for this kind of problem.
If you want performance, try to eliminate obvious gotchas such as running your container in a file-based storage pool, using your container with a snapshot running. Test the raw speed of your disk and your network in the container with some vanilla tests (write file, network benchmark software). Look at the system logs. Use top to see the system load. Look ath your db logs. And lot of other things I must miss.