Lxd via snap on openSUSE - lxd: command not found

I am running lxd from the snap package on an openSUSE LEAP 15.0 host but can’t get running with the initiation

~> sudo lxd init
sudo: lxd: command not found

do I (different then when you are on an ubuntu host i.e.) have to do anything to teach the system where to find the lxd or so? I guess anything with the infamous PATH being not as it should be?

sudo /snap/bin/lxd init works though.
So, the snap lxd may be working fine generally, just have to make the system understand lxd / lxc commands (again guessing the PATH magic needs to be enable somewhat, just dunno how)

EDIT: /snap/bin/ exists on my PATH

sudo strips the environment, I suspect sudo env | grep PATH will show that /snap/bin isn’t actually on the PATH in this case.