LXD VM versus Multipass!

Hello All,

What is your impression of LXD VM versus Multipass, and why is Canonical pushing Multipass !!!

Multipass is meant to offer a universal Ubuntu experience across platforms.
For Linux it’s currently directly relying on libvirt/qemu but work is ongoing to replace that with LXD.

So in the near future, Multipass when run on Linux will rely on LXD virtual machines.

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Tanks Stéphane, hope you will offer the same small apps to control the vm and access the console.

What does “meant to offer a universal Ubuntu experience across platforms” actually mean? Do you mean that its purpose is to enable running Ubuntu VM’s across many other platforms, or something else?

Yes, Multipass works on Linux, Windows and macOS and offers a similar experience on all three. It then uses whatever the best OS virtualization layer is to run the VM.

On Windows, that’s using HyperV or VirtualBox, on macOS it uses hyperkit or VirtualBox and on Linux these days it uses LXD.

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