Lxd vm with different architecture possible?

So I am also confused with architectures… :sweat_smile:
I was convinced that since lxd has support for vms that I would be able to install images for other architectures. But can’t seem to find any info on how to do that. So here I am.

Is this possible at all?


Nope, LXD supports hosts of various architectures so you can have a cluster with LXD servers running on Intel and Arm for example which would then allow using a variety of architectures for your VMs but we are not in the business of simulating a foreign architecture (which then doesn’t allow using all of the nice virtio and paravirt features we rely on).

Ok, thanks. Though I understand the reasons I can’t help feeling sad… imagine running a x86 lxd vm on rpi… or having an rpi with x86 vm, and inside it a x86 docker container…

x86 on rpi would be so slow you really wouldn’t like it much :wink:

We’ve been running full CPU emulation for some riscv64 builds and even using 32-core AMD Epyc CPUs we end up with an emulated target which feels about as fast as a rpi.

hehe I guess that’s true