LXD Windows install on remote server - lxc console VmName --type=vga - how to see GUI?

Hi, I have a remote Dell server, with Ubuntu 21.04 server installed, running LXD, accessing via SSH. I have a prepared distrobuilder Windows ISO, all ready to install, but how can I use ‘lxc start VmName --console=vga’ to view GUI and install Windows?
Currently I have been installing an Ubuntu Desktop on top of server, then using something like Anydesk / VNC, to view the Servers desktop, then install virt-viewer, this works, but I have many servers running Ubuntu server, and I don’t really want to be installing a desktop on these.
I was looking for an alternative method or suggestions please?

Kind regards.

Never tried installing windows but my software GitHub - turtle0x1/LxdMosaic: Web interface to manage multiple instance of lxd has a spice viewer built into the web interface so you should be able to access & install windows!

Over SSH, it’s not going to be very practical unless you have remote-viewer installed on your remote server and then use ssh -X.

Normally the way you’d do this is by accessing LXD remotely. Either by exposing it to the network directly or by having it listen on localhost and then have SSH do remote port forwarding to access it.

In either case, once your client machine (desktop) can access the remote LXD server, then you can do lxc remote add my-server IP-ADDRESS:PORT to add your server to your local client and finally do lxc console my-server:VmNAME --console=vga to get to the VGA console.

That’s how I manage my dozen or so servers and clusters here, my laptop has a LOT of remote LXD servers added (visible in lxc remote list) and I can interact with them all as if they were my local LXD, including accessing VGA console (which even supports passing in remote USB devices).