LXD with Ceph Storage Pool

Hello Everyone,

Is there any good reference tutorials how to configure LXD with Ceph Storage Pool with Ceph Installation, i have gone through many online reference but yet not getting any good option to build for production, i am currently using BTRFS & ZFS successfully need some geek advice to build Ceph Pool Backend on Ubuntu.

There’s not a lot to it really. We expect you have a working Ceph cluster and have a valid ceph.conf and matching credentials (basically that ceph status works fine on the machine).

Once that’s the case, you can create a ceph backed storage pool with:

  • lxc storage create my-ceph-pool ceph source=osd-pool-name

If the OSD pool already exists and is empty, LXD will use it, if it doesn’t exist, LXD will create it for you.

Most of the tweaking on the pool can then be done outside of LXD (number of PGs, crush map, …) but ceph pretty much just works by default as they’ve added the auto-scaler to resize new pools to a reasonable size.

Thank you, now i am clear let me try