LxdManager - Web Interface For Lxd


Sorry if not allowed here,

I have written a web interface for “managing” (not full featured) multiple instances of a LXD it includes;

  • Container management
  • Copy stopped container (or live if you have criu and other deps installed) across machines
  • Image import from linuxcontainers.org
  • Basic cloud config management and deployment
  • Very basic profile management (rename + delete)
  • Snapshots

Probably some others the I have forgotten

You can find it on github here there is an installer script you can run (id advise running it in a container in installs node + mysql)

Some of things im most interested in doing next are;

  • Project switching globally and for each host
  • Storage management
  • Disabling features for particular hosts depending on the extensions available


Just out of interest, what are you stocking in the database?
Most projects similar to this one have gone without a database but were also targeting a single LXD server usually.


  • Hosts urls and paths to the different cert locations (php you can send combined cert + key, node requires two different files for key & cert),
  • Cloud config files (I make an attempt and “namespacing” them) and their revisions (every time they are saved),
  • A copy and paste of the keys you can set in lxd config so I can do something like;

Ive just released a new version that includes the ability to switch + manage projects one each host and a few fixes for old versions like 2.0.11

Switching projects on each host

Projects home page