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This is the first post its 3 years old :partying_face:

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Sorry for the repost, I want to distance from the name LxdManager as its no longer associated with me because I was silly and didn’t buy the domain name (doh!)

Anyway because somebody bought the domain name it stirred me into action so I have made some general improvements to the UI as seen by the screenshots seen below,

I have also got my “serverless” implementation working but isn’t up on Github yet, hopefully Ill release before my “real” work load begins to spike again,

Anyway here are some screenshots and the repository is here LxdMosaic, any comments or issues just add them into the issues system



Container view

Container settings

Image Import From LinuxContainers.org

Project view


Can now access the container terminal through xterm.js

Just pushed a fix that should stop needless sockets being opened and not closed & the front end not updating correctly!

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Added support for all available instance types supported by lxd on create container

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Cool, are you directly pulling the same YAML files that we are?

yeah, although i did store them in the db as the repository doesnt seem to accept pr requests that often!

Yeah, Dustin doesn’t appear to be updating those definitions very often.
LXD is configured to check every 24h and update if we find any changes, in our case we’re keeping them stored as YAML on disk I believe.

Added a cron job that stores the “fleets” total memory ussage and running containers it currently collects this data every 5 minutes (this data is never sent anywhere and is only stored in your local database )


  • Alias host
  • list gpu’s on host
  • select gpu/s to add to container when creating (only supporting one host at current time)


  • CPU vendor / name key switch on versions >= 3.12
  • Keep current container highlighted after an operation (like start / stop container)

show gpu’s on host

Createing container and selecting gpu


I’m really looking forward to this.

Yeah i had it working quite nicely the only problem I ran into was scaling up and down maybe @stgraber or one of the team can help …

Having a container be created from a “cold start” (where no container exists to serve the request) was no problem but deciding when to freeze, stop, delete or deploy a new container became difficult because of the in-ability to watch load averages of indivudal containers,

I could use memory as the inidicator but I would susspect most applications are CPU intensive as opposed to memory so it would serve a very niche market

As load avg is going to appear in lxcfs at some point but it may not be available by default and no news as to when im wondering if there is some black magic I could employ or there are some other ideas about how I could watch cpu resource consumption ?

Sorry to make noise but maybe @simos you can help ?

Hey if anyone has the time or is intrested im looking for some feedback or testers for a “deployments” feature which can deploy cloud-init scripts to a number of instances on hosts and show you information (its kind of like projects)

The pulll request with instructions for testing

Here are some screenshots;

Added storage information & deployments has been merged into master

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Sorry for the lack of development recently, personal circumstances blah blah blah

heres the changelog from version 0.4.0


  • Allow setting container settings when creating them
  • Copy profiles between hosts
  • Choose host to restore container snapshot to
  • Delete host
  • Reload server dashboard after finishing creating a container


  • Redirect by default to https
  • Spelling of “Stoping”
  • Use $.confirm instead of modal for copying container
  • Use more consistent card theming & add a light gray background
  • Bump composer libaries to fix
  • Only reload container tree instead of dashboard in certian instances
  • Stop host online / offline from appearing over and over


  • Breadcrumb navigation

Hi @turtle0x1. I have been working with LXD Mosaic for a while now and have some feedback I would like to share. What is the best way to provide it? You can reach out to me directly via email: rkelleyrtp at gmail dot com

Hey @rkelleyrtp either open issues or you can email me at

goaway321 at protonmail dot com

Thanks. Email sent.

Hi, I think the project is great. Two features I think is sorely needed are

  1. Login
  2. Simple user management (add/remove/edit)
  3. option to make containers exposed to host network, get automatic IP in that network.

1 & 2 are being worked on Im writing up a proposal (its quite complicated to decide how to allocate permissions)

3 there is quite alot of ways todo this already, usually network interfaces are defined in profiles and you can add additional profiles (the one that contains the network information) when creating the container

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