LXDMosaic Website

Hey all, ive released a website for LXDMosaic at the domain http://lxdmosaic.com

Any feedback would be welcome, “websites” aren’t my usual gig.

If there isn’t atleast a spelling mistake ill “eat my hat”! :smile:

My webhost wants $80~ a year for basic SSL + $100~ a year for hosting which I refuse to pay, lets encrypt is free, its a simple HTML site. If anyone has any fixed cost cloud recommendations id be very grateful, I normally avoid the cloud like the plague and NAT prevents reliable self hosting (IMO) :frowning_face:!



If you only need html you can take a look at Gitlab Pages (GitLab Pages | GitLab) or Github pages (https://pages.github.com/) to host it for free with TLS and custom domain possible.

Thanks alot, ill check it out :smile:

You could host on a free tier host, like on Oracle Cloud. I think Google offers a free host as well.