LXDThinPool failed

After arch linux update, containers is not started. If try start container, going error:

[root@router ne-vlezay80]# lxc start dn42
Error: Failed to activate LVM logical volume "/dev/default/containers_dn42": Failed to run: lvchange --activate y --ignoreactivationskip /dev/default/containers_dn42: exit status 5 (Check of pool default/LXDThinPool failed (status:64). Manual repair required!)
Try `lxc info --show-log dn42` for more info
Client version: 5.10
Server version: 5.10

thin-provisioning-tools 1.0.0-1


Sounds like your LVM pool is corrupt/damaged, possibly due to an incorrect shutdown or hardware failure.

What does lxc storage show <pool> show?

I did a quick search for that error “status:64). Manual repair required” and came up with a few different posts:

Such as https://lore.kernel.org/all/CAAYit8QuXNZ0Gfd++hxm8gGoFDSiyGwoyPQ=tNPdvGzc2Cm3JQ@mail.gmail.com/T/

Do you know if anything unusual occurred before as this happened?

Also what does sudo dmesg show on the LXD host?


There were users having similar problem. Could you please try the --auto-repair option?

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