Maas and lxc containers

Hi , who knows why maas does not create lxc containers instead of lxd virtual machine when lxd is being used?

I want to have lxc container instead of lxd vms, I think containers are more light wight.

Basically MAAS relies on everything it creates to be blank machines which network boot into an installer that gets some image and config dumped onto it and then reboot onto the installed system.

Because containers by design cannot be netbooted and so need to be created from a premade image, MAAS doesn’t really know how to do that. MAAS effectively uses LXD as a more tightly integrated alternative to libvirt and only makes use of it as a way to divide a physical machine into a number of VMs which then are themselves managed by MAAS just as it would physical machines.

Thank you for the neat information. I was comparing maas lxd with proxmox lxc for a while and found out that generally lxd on ubuntu is much more better that proxmox debian base OS .
I could install lxd container manually next to mv lxd vm which are provisioned by maas.

In my experiments I got the following problem.

I have a pptp server and want to setup a pptp connection to remote server on my lxd container for a simple connection test but it seems the lxd containers are not allowed to load ppp kernel module.

would you please guide me to settle this problem?

I’ve not played with PPTP but I do have unprivileged LXD containers which establish PPPoE connections. For that to work, all you need is access to /dev/ppp.

You can add that with lxc config device add NAME ppp unix-char path=/dev/ppp