Macvlan and bridge doesn't working


I try to configure lxd with a “bridged” network without nat but the container doesn’t have an IP after their creation.

I use Openstack to manager vm and networks, I have a private network on the LXD host with this settings:
eth1: allocation_pools | cidr |

following this link:

I configured a bridge with these commands and settings:

$ sudo apt install bridge-utils
$ sudo brctl addbr mybridge1
$ vim /etc/network/interfaces
# The main Bridge
auto mybridge1
iface mybridge1 inet dhcp
    bridge-ifaces eth1
    bridge-ports eth1
    up ip link set eth1 up
# The primary network interface
iface eth1 inet manual

When I create a new container, the container doesn’t has an IP.
I don’t know where I should search for issues or where to found usefull log.

I use open stack with a public cloud provider, does Open stack can block dhcp on the container ?

Can you help me ?
Thanks you

macvlan or bridge make the containers get their network configuration from the LAN (or public cloud for your case). Depending on your cloud provider, they may not provide you with extra IP addresses, if you have not configured them, or if you have not notified them for the new MAC addresses that are requesting them.

Thanks Simos, it’s my provider, I should create a mac address before.