Man page improvement - lxc.start.order

Having looked into

An integer used to sort the containers when auto-starting a series of containers at once.

... The startup will be in order of lxc.start.order.

The leaves one to guesswork of how the integer is interpreted, e.g. whether 0 is lowest or highest priority or even whether 0 might be a special value (like perhaps disabling)

It thus requires a (potential) user to sour other sources (e.g. to discover

priority of the container, higher value means starts earlier

I suppose such should be rather pointed out in the man pages.

I would have guessed that lower number starts earlier.
Are you familiar with git, GitHub, in order to create a pull request with a clarification?

My sentiments exactly, my logic would also have been that 0 is either the highest priority, or if representing a special value such as disable for instance than 1 being the highest priority and incrementing integer’s value is decreasing the priority but apparently it is the other way around.

Not sure if it warrants a clarification on Github really but rather a more expansive explanation at the man page. Have updated the previous post with the source of the information, being a blog of @stgraber.

Unless this changed over time from lxc 1, which the blog post from 2013 is based on, to today’s lxc 3 version

I am on mobile now. As far as I understand, the man pages are on the lxc git repository on GitHub. It should be
You can edit the manpage and submit a pull request to accept the change.

Seems not located there. All I could trace but there are only placeholders for some languages.

It’s here,

The man pages are created from SGML, which should not be difficult to edit.

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Thank you for the pointer! Prior editing though it would be good to know whether an interger of 0 serves a special purpose or is just the lowest priority.

Searching through the source code, shows only the following occurence:

Therefore, the number there is only used to compare between containers. 0 has no special significance.

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