Max number of vm network interfaces?

I’m trying to migrate a router vm (pfsense/freebsd) to incus.
The migration worked in principle but I don’t get all the required network interfaces to work. Once I add the 7th network interface to the vm, the vm does no longer find its root device / tries to boot from network.

incus config device add pfsense eth6 nic nictype=bridged parent=br5

Is there maybe a limitation of max number of network interfaces in an incus vm?

Hmm, there shouldn’t be a limit but the fact that you mention 7-8, makes me rather suspicious of our PCIe layout as we do have 8 additional PCIe devices reserved for hotplug.

Could you file this as a bug at Issues · lxc/incus · GitHub?

I spent some more time to create a reproducible testcase. The issue does not occur with vms created from current cloud images but can be reproduced creating a minimal freebsd installation using installation iso:
custom freebsd vm does not boot after adding 7th network interface #397

As mentioned in the github issue, the problem is solved:
I created the vm setting raw.qemu: -machine pc-q35-2.6 taken from LXD pfsense VM installation. Once I removed that, the boot manager sees the disk and boots.

Thanks for your support & help!