Metrics rest endpoint vs containers?recursion=2 endpoint


some insights provided by the /1.0/metrics API endpoint are also in the /1.0/instances?recursion=2 result. Namely, the path state.cpu.usage or state.distk.root.usage in the later call for a given instance. Both are also available in the metrics endpoint as lxd_cpu_seconds_total or lxd_filesystem_size_bytes.

Are the values in both endpoints coming from the same source, or are they retrieved differently?

The metrics documentation mentions it is resource heavy. Is the instance call cheaper?

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They’re using the same internal calls.

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Depending on the context, you may be able to request just a single instance, rather than all of them using /1.0/instances/<instance_name>?recursion=2

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I don’t think we do recursion=2 on a single instance though, do we?

You’d need to hit /1.0/instances/NAME/state instead.

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Sorry, yes, we have recursion=1 on that endpoint (but recursion=2 or higher works also). Both populate the state field.

Or hit /1.0/instances/NAME/state works also.

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