Monitoring LXC container from the host


I have two containers built and running on my host Ubuntu-20.04. Here I am not using any cloud concept and all. I am just running them on my host and I need to monitor the CPU utilization, memory utilization of container, crash/failure of the container and the process running inside the container.

I want to know if there are any free/opensource tools that help me out to take up this monitoring task. On some search I found few like, Prometheus and Grafana, Dynatrace, Datadog, Elasticsearch & Kibana. But I am not clear if they how to proceed. Can anybody suggest me on this. Any suggestion will help me a lot. I need tools which are free to use for my experiments.

Siddhartha V

Hi siddharthav,
I havent tested those modules before but you can examine that link and may be helpful.

Hello @cemzafer,

Thank you so much. Will look into it.

Siddhartha V