Mount lxd ceph shared volumes on host

How would I mount a lxd managed cephfs volume on the underlying lxd hosts?
is there an option to do so automatically or would that be a feature request?

LXD doesn’t support mounting its volumes into arbitrary locations.

However for instances we do have support for lxc file mount command that uses sshfs and fuse to mount the instance’s filesystem onto the local system. This works through the LXD API socket and so works even if the lxc client is run on a different host to where the instance is running.

We don’t have the equivalent for storage volumes yet. But if you attached a storage volume to an instance then you could access it using the lxc file mount command.

We have briefly discussed internally the potential for needing an equivalent for custom volumes, such as a lxc storage volume mount command, so perhaps if that approach works for you you could open a feature request at so we can track it there.