Mountpoint "legacy" versus "none" after 'lxd init'?

I setup ‘lxd init’ to use an existing ZFS dataset, zfspool/lxd. After running init I checked ‘zfs list’ and saw that all the lxd datasets were using ‘legacy’ as the mountpoint. Did a bit of searching and found that ‘legacy’ mountpoint enables legacy tools to manage those file systems rather than ZFS.

Just want to make sure that this is all setup properly. I had expected to see ‘none’ for the lxd mountpoints rather than ‘legacy.’

Output of ‘zfs list’ is below:

NAME                                   USED  AVAIL     REFER  MOUNTPOINT
zfspool                                562K  1.11T       24K  none
zfspool/lxd                            240K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/containers                  24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/custom                      24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/deleted                    120K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/deleted/containers          24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/deleted/custom              24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/deleted/images              24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/deleted/virtual-machines    24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/images                      24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/lxd/virtual-machines            24K  1.11T       24K  legacy
zfspool/zfs                             24K  1.11T       24K  /zfs

Is this proper? Does ‘lxd init’ always setup lxd datasets to use ‘legacy’ mountpoints?

Edited to add: In case this makes any difference, when I setup the zfspool/lxd dataset I did so via “sudo zfs create zfspool/lxd”, then in ‘lxd init’ I pointed lxd to zfspool/lxd.

LXD 4.24 started using legacy mounts to avoid some ZFS issues, it’s normal.

Please see this for more info