Move container without shut down first

I have a question,

I’m using LXD Cluster LXD-1 and LXD-2, I have an application container and need to stay online because the data keeps flowing every second.

If I want to move the container from LXD-1 to LXD-2, is it possible to move the container to another host server without having to shut down first?


LXD uses CRIU but it isn’t perfect and requires you to put in some work.

Its mentioned / explained a little in the docs here

A high level overview of what needs to be done was given in this thread.

It also seems possible to-do it with VM’s which might be easier but I dont have any practical experience to share, sorry!

Live-migration of containers seems to be a difficult topic compare to virtual machines. LXD VM live migration exists but for now, it is not as transparent as VMware vMotion (and even vMotion has problems with some applications).