Move /var/lib/lxd/disks/ to another directory with existing image

Hi, everybody. At initialization of lxd I have created btrfs storage in the file, after that have created a container.
Now I want to move the directory of storage of disk images from / var/lib/lxd/disks/ to other place (on other disk).
How can I do this?

Всем привет. При инициализации lxd я создал btrfs хранилище в файле, после этого развернул контейнер.
Теперь я хочу перенести каталог хранения образов из /var/lib/lxd/disks/ в другое место (на другой диск).
Как мне это сделать?

I too was wondering this.
I am using a ZFS pool, and it seems the storage pools are stored in /var. But what if you want to move it to a different location?

Ideally, you wouldn’t use the file-backed pools but instead have LXD use a physical disk or partition. That’s much faster and much more reliable.

If that’s not an option at all. You could bind-mount something over /var/lib/lxd/disks (or /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/disks) though that is not something we can guarantee won’t eventually cause problems during an upgrade (for example if we decide to rename the directory).