Moving a container from encrypted storage to unencrypted storage?


I have a container that has inherited zfs encryption from it’s parent dataset. I would like this particular container not to be encrypted. I understand I could do this by creating an unencrypted dataset, stopping the container, send/receiving the contents of the container across, then swapping the names of the datasets and restarting the container.

Looking at the container dataset however, it appears to be a clone:

root@workstation:~# zfs get all rpool/lxd/containers/samba
. . . . . 
rpool/lxd/containers/samba  origin                       rpool/lxd/deleted/images/d7874535267d24189305329233e74e54e2e9dd0ceedbffc87c623737a7ccf457@readonly  -
. . . . .

Is it going to cause havoc if I substitute the cloned dataset with a stand-alone one that I create with send/receive? (apart from using a little more space obviously…)

Am I going to miss out on any lxd management / update features?