My 13 armhf (32bit arm) devices forcing me to LXD

Hello everybody
I have 11 Odroid XU4’s and 2 Raspberry Pi 3B’s. The pi’s seem to run 64bit arm OS’s but I prefer 32bit since these sbc’s have very low specs and seem to work better with 32bit. The Odroid XU4’s have much better specs and performance but are strictly 32bit. All these devices have been in my possession for a few years and have been working well for various projects.
My plan is to have them clustered together using LXC and, I had hoped, Incus. Unfortunately, Incus doesn’t support 32bit arm. LXC and LXD just works.
My reason for wanting to go with Incus is because I’m a bit uncomfortable since Canonical moved LXD in-house.
So my question is: Is there a way to make Incus work with armhf devices or is there an alternative to LXD? Which I doubt.

There are many of us who are in the unfortunate situation of possessing 32bit arm sbc’s. And somehow we need to put them to good use/work. When I bought my devices, Raspberry Pi and clustering were big buzz words and the Odroid XU4’s I bought for roughly $5 off of someone who just wanted them out of his shop. And I love them!

Thank you

Incus should support 32-bit ARM. You probably want to say that the Zabbly distribution does not provide armhf packages. You can look into the Debian packages or some other Linux distribution.