Need to install Debian 8 on a LXC

New to LXC. I have a program that needs to run on Debian 8 or less. It will not run on a newer verson. I have a D8 iso that I can use. Is there any way to launch this D8 image (or find an LXC D8 image) on a LXC?


You can try lxd-p2c (physical to container), it’s a tool for conversion.
Search the forum for instructions.

The program really needs such an old Debian?
Good luck.

It is actually some .io files that D8 has that are needed to run an older version of openssl. I can install the old openssl, but the program needs the .io files that D8 carried, but they are no longer available on D9+. We are not worried about D8. It is not being updated, but runs fine. We are running some powerful external firewalls here.


Well, if there are not too many dependencies, you can download and install them on Debian 9.

Regarding security, I would never rely on a firewall only.
That said I am aware of the sad situation, that many people have to rely on very outdated software, including some friends in science departments, who still run super-old software for compatibility with machines they need.
Nonetheless a huge security problem.