Netdata + LXD - Install on host vs inside containers

I would like to hear from people using Netdata to monitor LXD hosts and containers.
Do you run Netdata inside the containers? on the host? both?

Are there any important metrics which are not reported when installing on the host vs on the container?
Do you wish you had any of those missing metrics available on your daily operations?

In my case I run multiple instances of a PHP (Symfony) APP and MariaDB inside containers, each container has its own Netdata and I also run it on the host.
The main reason I’ve deployed it this way I can give access to the Netdata web panel to (and only to) the owner of the container.

At the moment, we are running Netdata on the host to monitor LXC containers. So far we experience this problem:

By any chance, did you get around to make Netdata work with LXD KVMs?