Network config with vlan inside home network

Hi all,
in my home network I have two devices providing services:

  • an Openwrt router with mainly dns and traffic routing/firewalling
  • a linux box running lxc containers hosting services such samba, proxy…
    I would migrating my Openwrt instance inside a new container and powering down the router.

My current configuration is:
provider’s modem
managed switch (tagged 1,2,3, pvid 2)
openwrt box wan interface
openwrt box lan interface

  • vlan lan 192.168.2.*
  • vlan guest 192.168.3.*
    linux box
    containers 192.168.2.*
    end devices 192.168.2.*

Is it possible moving Openwrt instance from the network’s edge inside a container keeping the same configuration and ssh access to the linux box from the lan as well?
If yes, what is the recommended network config? (i read about macvlan but I’m unsure it is the best option).

Thanks in advance
My kind regards