Network created but LXD init can't find it

Hi there.
I am quite new to lxc/lxd and humbly request some assistance.
I created a network with:
$ lxc network create mybr0 ipv4.address= ipv6.address=auto ipv4.nat=true
Then I attached it to my custom profile:
$ lxc network attach-profile mybr0 myprofile eth0
When I run LXD init I get the following response:
fatal: []: FAILED! => {“changed”: true, “cmd”: “/home/edwin/lxc/tmp/”, “delta”: “0:00:05.803811”, “end”: “2022-01-20 13:06:23.996271”, “msg”: "n
on-zero return code", “rc”: 1, “start”: “2022-01-20 13:06:18.192460”, “stderr”: “Error: Failed to update network ‘mybr0’: Network not found”, “stderr_lines”: ["Error: Failed to up
date network ‘mybr0’: Network not found"], “stdout”: “”, “stdout_lines”: []}
When I do lxc network list, I see it in the list as a bridge network.
Am I doing something wrong or missing the concept? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanx in advance.

Hi Edwin,
Have you ever checked that documentation page?


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So you’re running lxd init after you’ve already created some stuff by hand?
Then why run lxd init at all?

Also, what does that thing do?

If you’re dealing with a cluster, the lxc network create you’ve done will only setup a local entry, it may not commit the whole thing. What’s the output of lxc network list?

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Hi there cemzafer. Thanx for the link. Heheh being a noob makes one do all kinds of silly stuff. After reading through the docs you pointed out I think I have a better understanding of how to use lxd/lxc.

You are welcome Edwin, I’m glad it’s resolved.

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@stgraber,Thank you for tour quick response. I got it to work on a set of five rpi 4’s, following your tutorial on youtube. Funny, when setting up a second set of pi’s, identically configured I get “Error: Failed to join cluster: Failed to update cluster trust: Existing server certificate with different name “rpi52” already in trust store”. I tried 3 times and every time same result. I found you could delete trust certs and reload daemon, but even that fails.
Thanx in advance