Network disappears on lxd containers

Facing this issue from some time on lxd containers are running for long period.

| lxc-e0f8a96e-0258-4c90-927c-30784bbee6e1 | RUNNING | (docker0) | | CONTAINER | 0 |

I had docker container running inside this lxd container and lxc list output above only shows docker IP right now. But earlier it had a lxd bridge as well.

If I check lxd profile it still shows the eth0 device in it

    nictype: bridged
    parent: qbnet9ba82616fa
    type: nic

I have in past created a new network and then replaced it with the previous one in profile but it doesn’t work always. Sometimes I need to reboot. I need a reliable experience here. Not sure what’s wrong with this configuration…

Hi Team!

Now there’s another container of mine that still has network attached to it and the IPV4 is present but on lxd restart there’s no internet inside the container. I cannot ping as well.

I don’t know what’ happening but a lot of the times this networking in lxd containers is giving me a lot of trouble and I would like to ask for a solution to this


What does ip a and ip r show on the LXD host and inside the container?

Are you also running Docker on the LXD host?