Network speed only 10MB/s


Ich have a new Centos7 installation with LXC 2.0.8-2.el7
all is fine with a centos 7 container,
but on a centos 6 container I get max 10MB/s on the network,
this is the same if I connect over scp sftp or samba…
on the Centos7 container over 65MB/s with scp like to the Host

Thanks Roman

Hmm, LXC itself doesn’t really do anything with the veth device which could slow it down that way.
You may have some firewalling or tc rules in the centos6 container maybe?

Do you get the same issue if connecting from within the container to itself (loopback)?

Thanks you, now I found the troubelmaker, after x installs of differt distros. a broken patchcabel on one nic on the Esxi, but it was not easy, becouse for any reasen this connection was only used after lxc install :frowning: , for now its really working fine, thanks for help.
brg roman