Networking starts with a 5 min delay

My host runs LXC 4.0.6 on Debian 11.6, IPv4 only environment.

I have a bunch of Deb 10 and 11 containers all suffering from a delayed startup:

[ *** ] A start job is running for Raise network interfaces ( x / 5 min)

When in /etc/network/interfaces on each container I change “auto eth0” to “allow-hotplug eth0” the boot message changes to:

[ *** ] A start job is running for /sys/sub...devices/eth0 ( x / 1min 30sec)

but then no IP is assigned to the container and network connectivity doesn’t work.

Any idea how to remove the delay entirely?

I have found the timer in /etc/systemd/system/


Reduced it to 10s and the containers are working fine.

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