New server, container has no ipv4

Hi. Similiar problem as I have had before.

Brand new vanilla install of Ubuntu Server 22.04
lxd version = 5.0.0

lxc launch images:ubuntu/22.04 container1

… aaand it has no ipv4

is it because of systemd-resolv?

I have tried:
lxc config device override container1 eth0
lxc config device set container1 eth0 ipv4.address

lxc network set lxdbr0 raw.dnsmasq=$'port=0\ndhcp-option=option:dns-server,'

No joy.

What am I missing?


I think I got it.

frgn host has their own firewall and provision the external IP on the vps with dhcp

sudo ufw allow in on lxdbr0
lxc restart container1

and now it has an ipv4

This is VMWare, I’m telling you. Why are people still using that junk?

Ah yeah, we have a documentation section covering ufw.

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