New Windows 11 Install on LXD - Missing Device Drivers - With Fix

I have followed the YouTube video " Windows 11 VM on LXD" to install Windows 11 in LXD.

Using the latest LXD version 4.24 and Windows 11 v22000 many drivers are not loaded when the initial Windows 11 image boots up - including the network drivers and the video driver.

This makes controlling the mouse difficult on the remote viewer so you need to use keyboard shortcuts. It also means you can’t download the virtio drivers from the internet using Win11.

The fix is to download the driver iso separately from the website, copy to LXD, mount this as a drive on the Win11 VM and then run this. This fixes all the issues with drivers.

@geoffbland do you have a URL of the driver?

@monstermunchkin is this something we can include in distrobuilder steps?

I just installed all drivers from .exe on the ISO found at