Newbie - Confused about snapshot copies

lxc-copy -e creates an ephemeral container, which means that it is deleted when it stops. If I understand the man page correctly, lxc-copy -e -D creates an ephemeral container that is not deleted when it stops. So it is persistent (and the term ephemeral seems to be misleading).

I created two snapshots with lxc-copy -e -D and lxc-copy -s, and compared their config files. The only differences were the MAC addresses, rootfs paths, and utsnames. Both snapshots persisted after stopping them. Which leads me to the question:

How is lxc-copy -e -D different from lxc-copy -s?

@brauner I’ll let you answer that one (if you remember), might be worth clarifying the help and manpage too as even after reading them pretty closely I’m also confused :slight_smile: