Nice to have feature : move to trash or rm ceph image switch on container delete


I’m using incus over a ceph cluster (with rbd interface).

There’s a nice to have feature for production : when we delete a container, it could be interesting to put it in trash and keep customer data for an amount of time).

Maybe this could be a config switch to do such thing (rm or move to trash). It should be interesting to keep customer data for a while before really delete informations (GPRD compilant, you might ask your data for an amount of time… who can be configured from trash auto vacuum).

Of course, the main cause of this is that mirroring is deleting data on both sides and it’s not possible to keep deleted images on mirror for this data retention.

If someone has other idea about doing this retention thanks :slight_smile:

Best regards

Nicolas F.

This looks relevant to the snapshot.retention.* keys. The ability to automatically create snapshots, and retain them for a configurable amount of time. Active discussion.