NixOS incus host. Example /etc/nixos/configuration.nix

Hello there I made a post inside the ScottiBYTE Blog:

" I think NixOS with incus is a good combo. Why?
Because configurations in NixOS are so easy: all is stuck in one configuration file (/etc/nixos/configuration.nix).
You don’t need to type commands (as in ubuntu server) and forget them later on.
You can do the same with lxc container choosing NixOS ones, so you clone them and change some parameters in configuration.nix inside the container (hostname, Ip adress, etc.).
NixOS is systemd oriented, as incus is."

See the link:
NixOS and Incus : creation and initialisation

:grinning: Hello there,
Your insights about NixOS and Incus highlight their synergy in simplifying system configuration and management. Combining all configurations into a single file in NixOS minimizes complexity and reduces the risk of forgotten commands. Additionally, the compatibility of NixOS with LXC containers offers flexibility in replicating and customizing environments. The alignment of NixOS’s systemd orientation with Incus further enhances system cohesion and efficiency. Thank you for showcasing how these technologies work together to streamline system administration.

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Yes :slight_smile: and let’s say btw that with NixOS, you can manage your incus host within configuration.nix, avoiding typing some incus commands and you see at one glance the “state” of the incus configuration. It is quite “magical”, just one command (nixos-rebuild) and you get a fully operational incus host !