No LXD images after rebooting zfs server

I have a server running LXD. I’ve noticed that its images are lost whenever it’s rebooted (an infrequent event so I’ve just been working around the problem).

I’m using ZFS storage and everything seems to be working except this one thing which makes me wonder if it’s a setting that I have missed. Containers are not lost and come back as expected when the server boots… it’s only the images I have a problem with (i.e. lxc image ls returns nothing until I push an image to the server).

$ lxc version
Client version: 4.12
Server version: 4.12

Any chance you can get onto 4.17? It’s always quite hard for us to figure out what fixes may or may not in an old unsupported release.

I’ll see if I can do that, yes. I last updated in April so isn’t that old. The box is critical so I’ll need to plan it, but yes if I can I will.