Noatime when storage driver is `dir`

i have each container’s volume using driver dir, and they sit on an logical volume managed by the host where the default storage pool is.

if this logical volume is mounted noatime, every filesystem for the container in this storage pool will also be using noatime, correct?

PS: reason for using dir is because getting every single bit of performance possible from the disk is the #1 priority. reason for using LVM is to be able to extend storage as needed.

I did a quick check by mounting my /var/lib/lxd directory on a separate parition as noatime and then launched a dir backend container on it. I couldn’t see the atime of files being updated when I accessed them.

Also though, by default it uses relatime which sounds almost the same from a write performance perspective as noatime anyway, see Mount options - atime vs relatime – confirm blog for more info.

But if you’re concerned about such things you should do a benchmark with and without noatime setting enabled to see what the difference is.

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Thank you Thomas.

If you use a solid-state disk (SSD) and have no application which needs the access time, you should use the mount option noatime.

Our use case is NVME only, no need for access time, and relatively write intensive applications (50/50 R/W). We will stick to noatime whenever possible, and hope it is respected. Would be interesting to have a property available to set the default for any type of backing.

Thank you again, you guys do an amazing job at keeping these forums incredibly useful.